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After completing Tally Advanced level course you will acquire skill sets in advanced level of understanding and application of tally erp9 in business accounting skills, Generating management information system reports for analysis skills, department wise cost analysis skills, extensive and in-depth coverage of Tally.


What is Tally & why go for a tally course?

Topics Covered:- Accounts/Inventory Info, Vouchers, VAT, TDS with GST.

Are you wondering what is tally course or what is tally accounting course in computer? Tally is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with a terrific grip in accounting capabilities. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) refers to automation and integration of a company's core business in order to help it focus on effectiveness and easy success. Tally ERP 9, the latest ERP offering of the Tally software company, offers several features for high-performance business management. It covers areas like payroll management, inventory management, accounts management, credit management, and maintenance of ledgers as well as reporting. Tally course in accounting aims to provide in-depth information about the Tally accounting software.

The essential core features of Tally

Even though it has many more core functions that a business requires but its keep in accounting is sincerely commendable. Therefore it's far recognized more for accounting instead of any other of its features. After the release of ERP version of Tally, the functionality and functioning of Tally are much more widened and extended to a brilliant extent.

Why is it important to take Tally training?

Tally is easy to apply software and is designed to simply a complicated each day activities associated with an organization. Tally gives complete solution around accounting standards, inventory and data integrity. Tally also has function encompassing international business. Tally software program comes with easy to use interface, as a result, making it operationally simple.

Tally 9 ERP software is being utilized by people and business corporate to keep their books of accounts. it's far crucial to maintaining file of all monetary transactions. To document such transactions it is important for a person to learn tally from an institute providing Tally courses. Tally software is used so broadly that it has turn out to be vital for the students in search of jobs in the accounts department of any business enterprise to learn Tally until the advanced level. certificate in Tally 9 provides essential abilities to students to carry out all forms of accounting operations as required by the enterprise. Gaining knowledge of Tally ERP 9 makes use of a feature-based strategy for studying bookkeeping. before one begins learning Tally 9 ERP software program he needs to have a fundamental knowledge of understanding of accounts and basic accounting terminology.

Tally 9 ERP software is a complete business accounting solution. It has incredible speed and real-time access to data. most of the organizations select hiring people who've an in-depth and expert understanding of Tally software program. Tally software program is a flexible software able to managing complicated business accounting and inventory transactions. it can also handle taxation components like TDS, service Tax, sales Tax, Vat, and Excise. Tally 9 ERP can generate reports for taxation and returns which may be uploaded electronically.

Tally course objective

Tally ERP 9 program is a professional course that imparts training in all modules of highly successful Tally ERP software. The course highlights the importance of ERP software in the contemporary business scenario and imparts high-quality hands-on training on Tally.ERP 9. Most importantly the course uses real-life case studies to illustrate how the implementation of Tally ERP has had a significant impact on companies.


Anyone with a willingness to learn.

Basic knowledge of using Computers.

Tally-PLATINUM Training Duration

Regular classroom based training: 12 Weeks, 60 minutes of theory & practical session per day.


Course Content

Topics Covered:- Accounts/Inventory Info, Vouchers, VAT, TDS with GST.

  1. Introduction of accounts
  2. Basics of accounting
  3. Accounting Concepts
  4. Methods of Accounting
  5. Rules of Accounting
  6. Accounts receivables
  7. Accounts payables
  8. Accounting terminology
  9. Single entries
  10. Double entries
  11. Ledger postings
  12. Trail balance
  13. Trading account
  14. Profit and loss account
  15. Balance sheet
  1. Company creation
  2. Company alteration/deletion
  3. Identification groups
  4. Ledger creation
  5. Single ledger
  6. Multiple ledger
  7. Ledger alteration-deletion
  8. Inventory
  9. Stock groups
  10. Sub groups
  11. Stock categories
  12. Units of measure
  13. Maintain godowns
  14. Maintain multiple godowns
  15. Stock item creation
  16. Stock item alteration-deletions
  17. Making of journal entries
  18. Accounting vouchers
  19. Contra vouchers
  20. Payment vouchers
  21. Receipt voucher
  22. Journal voucher
  23. Debit note voucher
  24. Credit note voucher
  25. Bill wise detail
  26. Interest calculations
  1. Trail balance
  2. Trading account
  3. Profit and loss account
  4. Balance sheet
  5. Stock summary
  6. Stock summary with godowns
  1. Inventory vouchers
  2. Purchase Order Process
  3. Sales Order Process
  4. BOM With Manufacturing process
  5. Price list With separate discount column
  6. Batch wise details
  7. Maintain mfg Date/Exp Date
  8. Additional cost of purchases
  9. Actual and billed Qty
  10. Zero valued entrys
  11. Job order process
  12. Job costing
  13. Track cost for stock item
  14. Cost centres
  15. Cost centres Classes
  16. Scenario management
  17. Consolidation of Balance Sheet Reports
  18. Point of sales
  1. Ratio analysis
  2. Aging analysis
  3. Cash flow/funds flow
  1. Backup and Restore
  2. Tally vault password
  3. Security control
  4. Security control with audit Features
  5. Tally ODBC / Export only
  6. Company/customers mailing details
  7. Cheque printing and Configuration
  8. Split company Data
  9. Export & Import
  1. Income tax
  2. Tax deduction at source (TDS)
  3. Tax Collected at Source(TCS)
  4. Value added tax (VAT)
  5. Central sales tax(CST)
  6. Service tax
  7. Excise duty
  8. Pay Roll
  9. GST
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