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Nearly every office or home use Microsoft Office package to perform several routine tasks such as sketching a letter, making a financial statement, generating a slide show, etc. Knowledge in MS Office is completely an added benefit. Holding this in mind, we have designed a course on MS Office 2010 so that the aspirant learners could learn the basics of MS Office 2010, with essential ease.



Software Covered:- Windows, Ms Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint with Internet.

MS Office and its applications are the ones who used by utmost of the businesses and organizations in this vast world. Admittedly, it requires appreciating as an incredible invention that has ever made. But, even this sometimes leads to experience at a workplace, if not operated correctly. So, to sustain in this technology world, it is extremely needed to gain specialized knowledge in MS Office. There are groups of training solutions feasible which helps to learn Microsoft office directly and cleverly with no strain and pressure.

We ensure you that our advanced MS Office training course will undoubtedly improve your productivity and performance. This Microsoft Office training course will cover MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint in Advanced. Learn core and advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office products through our training classes and build your career growth.

Why is MS Office Certification course Essential?

The All-in-One Microsoft Office 2010 Suite make participants become specialists and work in Office 2010 applications.

Upon completion of MS Office training course, candidates will be effectively able to create: Professional-looking reports, sales invoices, Performance charts, PowerPoint presentations with animations, Design and maintain databases.

Most of the work today happens on a computer. Optimize your performance by learning valuable software tips and tricks that you can implement for decades to come, saving you precious time, money and effort.

What will you learn from this Microsoft Office Courses?

  1. How to create, save and open documents.
  2. You will learn how to controlling page appearance including using columns, indents, footers, borders, and watermarks.
  3. Learn how to insert and edit tables.
  4. You will learn how to personalize your use of Excel using Excel Options.
  5. Learn how to create charts and graphs.
  6. You will learn presentation tips for an effective presentation
  7. Find out how to insert shapes, graphics, and pictures to your presentation.
  8. You will learn time-saving techniques including how to copy slides, and be exporting your presentation
  9. Learn how to use "Go To, Find, and Replace."


Anyone with a willingness to learn.

Basic knowledge of using Computers.

DCA-PLATINUM Training Duration

Regular classroom based training: 12 Weeks, 60 minutes of theory & practical session per day.


Course Content

Software Covered:- Windows, Ms Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint with Internet.

  1. Fundamentals of Computers, Working with a Mouse
  2. Accessories:Paint, WordPad, Control Panel, Desktop Features
  3. Windows Explorer:-File & Directory Management
  1. Using Menu Bars & Toolbars
  2. Page Setup, Standard & Format Tool Bar, – Drawing
  3. Tools, Autoformat, Inserting Pictures
  4. Bullet & Numbering, Spell Check, Grammar,
  5. Newspaper style Columns, Borders & Shading,
  6. Headers & Footers, Inserting Symbols,
  7. Thesaurus, Word Count, Auto Text Entry, – Auto Correct, Creating Tables, Sorting,
  1. Electronic Spreadsheet Concept
  2. Formatting Fonts, Numbers, Auto-Format
  3. Relative & Absolute Reference, Date & Currency Formatting,
  4. Formula charts & Graphs, 2D/3D Graphs, – Pie, Line Cone, Formatting Charts
  5. Data Values, Sub Total Reports, Auto Filters,
  6. Password Protecting Worksheets,Linking Multiple Sheets
  7. Intro. to MACRO’s, Nested If’s, Sheet Referencing.
  1. Electronic Slide Presentation
  2. Giving Animation & Transition Effects
  3. Slide Formatting, Theme & Slide Layout
  4. Clipart Charts-Organisation Chart
  5. Setting up a Slide Show & Giving Timings
  1. Multi Media, Task Bar Area,
  2. Playback Controls,
  3. Copying VCD, DVD, ACD Players,
  4. Play-Pause-Stop-Seek, Volume Control-Shuffle.
  1. Web Browsers, Connecting to Internet
  2. Surfing, Searching the Net
  3. Emailing:-Send & Receiving, Attachments, Sending Images
  4. Chatting, Dowloading, Web Radio
  5. Sending Greeting Cards, E-Shopping
  6. Auction on various Web Sites Ebay…etc.
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