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Astro's introduced basic Web Designing course that provides students as well as amatures preliminary knowledge inorder to design websites and take their first steps into the field of Web Designing .Our Web Designing course begins right from the basics and provides practical knowledge of designing website's.


Web Design - GOLD

Web design is all about creating content for online media in form of a website. The number of people using internet for all purpose is growing very fast this has given a rise for the career like Web Designing and Development demanding large numbers of professional web designers and developers in the web media industry.

Web designer job involves conceptualizing, planning of website layouts, ux/ui, colors, type, images, icons and interactivity.

The scope and future as web design and development professional is very high and bright with good salary and facilities. Web Design Development professional work with all sort of companies like corporate, design houses, app development company, nonprofit organizations, government etc. You can start taking projects as a freelancer or start your own firm after a good exposure to web design industry.

This is the right time for making career as a web designer or developer. Astro Computer Education institute provides you the professional training. Our web designing development course cover all above topics 100% practically and professionally as per industry requirements. Our web designing development course will turn you from a novice to a professional web designer. Your career as web designer developer is secure with our web design development course so hurry to call us now and book your seat.

Web Design - GOLD Training Duration

Regular classroom based training: 10 Weeks, 60 minutes of theory & practical session per day.


Web Design - GOLD

  1. Body Attributes
  2. Text attributes
  3. Marquee tag & its attributes
  4. Headings, Font
  5. Ordered and Unordered Lists
  6. Blockquote, HyperLinks, Sound
  7. Alignment of images & Mapping
  8. Tables : Creating a Table
  9. Combine cells in a row or column
  10. Cells: Spanning, Padding
  11. Forms: Create List Box, Radio Buttons
  1. CSS different types of method
  2. HTML Style
  3. Class Style
  4. DIV Style
  5. Group Style
  6. Different link style
  1. Using the Site Window, Set your local site
  2. Image Hyperlinks, Properties
  3. Rollover Image, Navigation Bar with Rollovers & links
  4. Insert Flash Animation, Flash Video
  5. Displaying Data with Tables
  6. Design a page layout using tables
  7. Div Tag, AP Div
  8. Spray Menu, Spray Tab
  9. Spray Accordion, Spray Collapsible
  10. Hyperlinks: Internal & External Linking
  11. Email Linking & Anchor Linking
  12. Linking (Image Hyperlinks)
  13. Web Authoring, Forms, Tables,
  14. Layout / Standard view, Building frames,framesets
  15. Animating with timelines
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